The central "home" page for Fire Journal is called "My Shift." On this page, you'll be able to establish your work day. When you arrive at your station (or office), you may get the day started by initializing all of the factors that may be required for your day.

That includes:

- What Fire Station am I working at? (add your station)

- Who am I working with? (add your crew)

- What platoon am I working? (add your platoon)

- What resources are at my fire station? (add the apparatus in your station)

- What is my assignment? (what rank are you working today - add that rank)

- What apparatus am I working on? (add your apparatus)

Each of the above selections may have "standard" or default settings. If you are assigned to fire station 1, then that will show up as the default, and you won't need to change a thing. 

If you're working with your assigned crew, then don't change that either - it will show up as you created it. However, if you're working with several members who are working overtime, you'll want to create either a temporary crew setting, or perhaps a 2nd setting for that crew. Fire Journal allows you to create as many "crew" entries as you'd like. When that combination of members is working, just select that crew from the list. Delete any crew that is no longer in use. 

You can adjust this as many times as you'd like.

Not only do you start your day off using My Shift, but you can quickly access other functions, including:

- Start a new journal entry

- Start a new incident entry

- Access the forms in Fire Journal

- Access the in-app store

- Access "Settings"

- Access Fire Journal Cloud (in app subscription required)

- Get help (Support)

My Shift is where many of the functions you care about take place.