The roadmap for FireJournal Cloud is robust. During the coming months, a series of new forms will be added, including:

  • ICS-201
  • ICS-205
  • ICS-221
  • ICS-214
  • NFIRS-11 (Arson)
  • NFIRS-8 (Wildland)
  • American Red Cross Smoke Alarm
  • Home Inspection and Smoke Alarm
  • Hiring
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Fire Watch
  • Fire Code Violation
  • Business Inspection

In addition to forms, we're in the process of building some strong capabilities for CONNECT that will tie into FireJournal. Some of these include:

  • Work Schedule
  • Paydays and Overtime Income Tracking
  • Shift Swaps and Trades (work schedule)
  • To-Do Lists

When you use FireJournal CONNECT!, your input on the things you would like to see added will help dictate how the app evolves over time. Stay in touch with us and we'll build what you need!