The roadmap for Fire Journal Cloud is robust. Our team is constantly working on improved performance as well as new types of functionality. 

Fire Journal Cloud will have a number of updates in 2019. Some of these include:

  • Improved search capability
  • Additional reports (Fire, EMS, Rescue)
  • Adding photos to incidents
  • Adding photos to journal entries
  • Adding video clips to incidents
  • Adding video clips to journal entries
  • New to-do list functionality
  • Shift swaps and trades
  • Expanded calendaring, including time management

For us to really improve Fire Journal Cloud, we need your input. Tell us what you think, and share your opinions as you use the product.

Our team is also working on a series of new forms, including:

  • NFIRS-11 (Arson)
  • NFIRS-8 (Wildland)
  • ICS-201
  • ICS-205
  • ICS-221
  • Hiring
  • Apparatus Inspection
  • Fire Watch
  • Fire Code Violation
  • Business Inspection

Stay in touch with us and we'll build what you need!