Fire Journal is the 21st century answer to firefighter and fire station operations management. Using an iOS device (phone or tablet), you will manage your career and fire station with the following capabilities:

Manage your assignments with capabilities that include:

  • Incident history and tracking (Fire, EMS, Rescue)
  • Incident mapping (see a visual history of very incident you record)
  • Map by incident type
  • Review incident history
  • Journalize activities within your station, in the community, and with your crew (members)
  • Use a private journal to keep a diary of your career
  • Manage your work days, overtime, and assignments
  • Edit and manage all apparatus (resources) in your fire station, and apply them quickly to incidents and journal reports
  • Maintain a profile of your rank, assignment, and activities
  • Manage each member of your crew, work days, overtime assignments, and each relief you make
  • Create forms, including NIMS and NFIRS related, and share them (Fire Journal Cloud required)
  • Supports the use of Apple Pencil
  • Journal and Incident data may be voice recorded (typing is not required)
  • Does not require Internet access to enter and review data

Fire Journal is designed to help you organize your day, report on your results, and to say goodbye to paper journals.

Fire Journal for individual users and single station fire departments is a FREE application. It's available from the Apple App Store.