FireJournal Cloud is the online web service that links to FireJournal. FireJournal Cloud offers greatly expanded functionality and is an important add-on for users of FireJournal. Some of the things you can do when using "Cloud" include:
  • Generate reports on multiple aspects of using FireJournal
  • Convert FireJournal form data into Government standardized forms for output, such as those from NFIRS and NIMS (ICS)
  • Make additional entries, or expand on existing entries made in FireJournal (and automatically sync changes back to FireJournal)
  • Manage a calendar, including tracking all of your incidents, events, and key activities
  • Implement advanced mapping capabilities
  • Review and share data from any incident, journal entry, or event with others
  • Expand on your journal entires, using the same modifiers (underline, bold, etc.) that you use with a word processor
To subscribe to FireJournal Cloud, download the latest version (v3.0 +) of FireJournal, and from the dashboard, tap on the shopping cart. You'll be presented with multiple subscription options. It's affordable and will increase your productivity and accountability. Check it out today.