Fire Journal Cloud is the online web service that links to Fire  Journal. FireJournal Cloud offers greatly expanded functionality and is an important add-on for users of Fire Journal. Some of the things you can do when using "Cloud" include:

  • Syncs data with your mobile devices
  • Auto-generates reports on current and past activities
  • Offers easy and powerful search capabilities
  • Compare operational period results
  • Export data onto Gov mandated forms (auto generated)
  • Share reports (print, email, etc) in PDF
  • Edit journal entries (update them)
  • Edit incident entries (update them)
  • Manage incident history via mapping and detail review

To subscribe to Fire Journal Cloud, download the latest version (v4.0 +) of Fire Journal from the App Store, and from the dashboard, tap on the Store. You'll be presented with multiple subscription options. It's affordable and will increase your productivity and accountability. More than half of the people using Fire Journal benefit from using Fire Journal Cloud as well.