The personal version of Fire Journal will not work with computer aided dispatch (CAD).

FireJournal is a fairly complex and structured application environment. It is fully capable of being integrated with any number of CAD software solutions. In order for Fire Journal to link to a CAD solution, the following requirements must be met:

– Fire Journal Enterprise must be licensed to a fire department or first responder agency
– The licensee (fire department) must provide access to their IT team
– The CAD solution used by licensee must include an API (application programmer’s interface) for use with third party solutions
– The licensee must pay for the software integration process (low cost and typically one time fee)

These are fairly standard requirements for any third party application, including software like PulsePoint. A future release of Fire Journal will also allow personal versions to be linked to Enterprise versions (if permitted by your fire department).

Fire Journal Enterprise will support CAD integration.

If your department is interested in using your CAD system with Fire Journal Enterprise, get in touch with us.